Chocolate Fondant

When my sister asked me for a Chocolate Fondant recipe, I told her, "it should be simple right? After all, you and I have been baking since forever. And it doesn't seem to difficult."
Wrong. I've been sadly proven wrong. Somehow I've got this bee in my bonnet I'd make anything but a fruit cake this year and hence a lot of other things make their way out of my oven. Chocolate fondant has been going on the past couple of days. My colleagues at work have been quite pleased that I'm so keen on fondant cos I take all my disappointments boxed up to work.

Pork Belly Buns a la David Chang & Pork Belly 101

For my first experience cooking with pork, I decided to try making Pork Buns. David Chang has popularised these traditional Chinese buns through his restaurant Momofuku and there are enough and more recipes online to follow through. Now more important than these recipes, to me at this point, are my learnings with pork. I've never cooked pork and I've never seen my mom cooking pork. My aunt makes the best pork dishes ever. But since I haven't seen the actually cooking process or seen the raw meat, I had no idea what to expect. So below are a list of pointers from my end for cooking and dealing with raw pork. A few of them for me to remember and not panic the next time, a few of them hopefully will help other folks cooking with pork for the first time.
Unfortunately, I don't have pictures for each of the different stages. I have to say, I was getting a little worried and taking shots were the last thing on my mind. So here goes.

Strawberry Chocolate Bread Pudding

Some days, some weeks, some months, you space out. You worry about your place in life, in this world, in this universe. Nothing seems to make much sense for a while. A little chocolate, a few berries, toasty bread soaked in a custard base seems to just hit the spot for those moments of just forgetting everything. Forget the extra inches, the jiggle that never lets go, the jeans that's become a tad too stretchy. Embrace the butter, the sugar, the egg and just let go.

Yoghurt Kebabs

I had these really interesting kebabs at one of our company parties. Being in a food company, you get introduced to all sorts of things.This was one of those. They served it with slices of raw mango which was just soo right for the October heat in Bombay. Now that November is not helping us any further in the temperature department, these babies are just right as a cool starter for a party at home.

Jalebi & Rabdi

Last week, my boss took my colleague and me out for dinner to Masala Library. He wanted us to experience an Indian restaurant that does things different. It was certainly interesting, some of those things were really good, but to be really honest, there was nothing that really blew me away. Perhaps I've become too picky. Like they were trying too hard and not really getting there. One of those things I really enjoyed there was the jalebi caviar. Little boondis of jalebis packed into a circular disc surrounded by a pool of rabdi. I knew I had to try making it. So here it is, my foray into Indian desserts on this blog.