Yoghurt Kebabs

I had these really interesting kebabs at one of our company parties. Being in a food company, you get introduced to all sorts of things.This was one of those. They served it with slices of raw mango which was just soo right for the October heat in Bombay. Now that November is not helping us any further in the temperature department, these babies are just right as a cool starter for a party at home.

Jalebi & Rabdi

Last week, my boss took my colleague and me out for dinner to Masala Library. He wanted us to experience an Indian restaurant that does things different. It was certainly interesting, some of those things were really good, but to be really honest, there was nothing that really blew me away. Perhaps I've become too picky. Like they were trying too hard and not really getting there. One of those things I really enjoyed there was the jalebi caviar. Little boondis of jalebis packed into a circular disc surrounded by a pool of rabdi. I knew I had to try making it. So here it is, my first foray into Indian desserts on this blog.

Beetroot, Sweet Potato & Spinach Au Gratin

As I must have mentioned earlier, I'm trying to put an end to my eating out tendencies and make more stuff at home. I'm not saying everything I make is fantastically healthy, but I'm thinking its perhaps better than not knowing the ingredients used and the amount of fat used. In this case, I know how much butter I'm injecting into my body if my serving size is unusually large and also I can rest assured I have enough veggies going inside me.

Persimmon Bread

Persimmons are a very seasonal fruit. They come right around end of Oct - early November and very quickly disappear. I've hardly seen them with the regular fruit sellers, but have had to go deeper into the market to see them. There are two varieties of persimmons Fuyu and Hachiya. In India we get only the Hachiya. To me they taste like a cross between a chikoo/sapota and a mango. It has a smoother texture than sapota and is actually quite nice.

Sausages & Apples in Red Wine

I've liked the Facebook page of the Bon Appetit Magazine and so read up on quite a lot of the stuff they put up there. Considering the number of recipes I put up from there it shouldn't be a surprise actually. This one sounded nice and a little weird which makes it totally up my alley I think. It involved Italian Sausages, some kind of apples which we don't get in India and Watercress (I'm sure I've never had that and if I have wouldn't recognize it if someone gave it to me again.) I played around and made it my own... Buhahahaha! Does that surprise anyone?