Persimmon Bread (David Lebovitz)

Persimmons are a very seasonal fruit. They come right around end of Oct - early November and very quickly disappear. I've hardly seen them with the regular fruit sellers, but have had to go deeper into the market to see them. There are two varieties of persimmons Fuju and Hachiya. In India we get only the Hachiya. To me they taste like a cross between a chikoo/sapota and a mango. It has a smoother texture than sapota and is actually quite nice.

Sausages & Apples in Red Wine

I've liked the Facebook page of the Bon Appetit Magazine and so read up on quite a lot of the stuff they put up there. Considering the number of recipes I put up from there it shouldn't be a surprise actually. This one sounded nice and a little weird which makes it totally up my alley I think. It involved Italian Sausages, some kind of apples which we don't get in India and Watercress (I'm sure I've never had that and if I have wouldn't recognize it if someone gave it to me again.) I played around and made it my own... Buhahahaha! Does that surprise anyone?

Banh Xeo

I have this habit of trying out new things all the time at restaurants. So a couple of years ago when I'd gone with my friends to Pondicherry, we went to this café called Le Vietnam. Why would there be a Vietnamese café in a former French Colony? Well, as my friend informed me Vietnam was also a French Colony at one point.

Quick & Healthy Chicken Rolls

I'm opening up a new category 'Quick Lunches'. I've been trying to eat a little more healthy these days, while still not compromising on taste. It's very difficult to continue on any regime where I feel I'm giving up on major food groups or have major dietary restrictions. I want to have a balance in my food intake, try and cut down on my eating out tendencies, and yes, move around a bit more.

Roasted Pumpkin Soup

If there is one thing that really fazes me in the kitchen, it's soups. I just can't get my head around them. My mum finds it weird, my friends find it weird. Well it's true, I just cant make soups. But when I do make one I like, I kind of stick to it, so I know it's a dependable one. Something I can keep making without getting all flustered over it.

This here is my dependable pumpkin soup. I like it cold, but then I'm a fan of cold soups especially when it's so hot outside like it is here in October. If you're having fall weather where you are, this soup is good warmed up too.