Right now, I'm an expert in Erussery. Do you spell it Erissery? I always pronounce it Erussery in Malayalam. So I'm going ahead with that spelling. Back to why I'm an expert. In my last post I mentioned I made three of the Onam dishes on Independence day. Plus I had the Inji Puli. So If I made a sambar, I'd pretty much have the main components of a vegetarian meal. Now, now, don't be picky. I know there's more to a vegetarian meal than that. But for now, this works.


On Independence Day when I had a day off and my oven conked off, in addition to making those Pistachio Pancakes, I made 3 dishes for Onam. A valiant effort, even f I say so myself.

At the end of it all there were two things I realized

Pistachio Pancakes with Peach Compote

When life gives you lemons, stuff your bra I say.
Oops! I gave away why I'm so booby haha!
The pistachio pancake came from a pistachio peach cake I wanted to make this morning. Unfortunately my oven conked out on me right after I'd done the prep for the cake. So I decided to make the best of it and make some pancakes instead.

Inji Puli (aka Puli Inji)

And thus starts the Onam recipes. Inji puli is my favourite side dish for Onam. A typical Friday for us back home is vegetarian. Religious reasons for my mum, which we kind of like cos we get to eat the best of vegetarian food. Lunch is typically sambar, erussery/avail, pachchadi or inji puli and of course pappadam. Very different from the pappads you get elsewhere, pappadams puff up like a puri and are light and crispy and give a completely different dimension to a veg meal.