Prawns in a Delicate Coconut Gravy

I fear I'm not going to do justice to this entry cos I've a massive writer's block. Not that I'm much of a writer but still... This dish or rather curry is so beautiful, it's worthy of a poem. But I'm not a poet or any such fanciful creature. So I dutifully enter this recipe which is not really a recipe for this divine curry which I could slurp up probably everyday of my life. I'll have to think up a better name also for this dish.


I have a lot of things to be thankful for in this life. One of the main things would be the world wide web. Without that I'd have pored over books and still would never have found out about this delicious Greek dessert. It was an Instagram entry by my Turkish friend Elif which led me to this dessert. It looked and sounded so delicious, I hunted down a recipe for it and decided to make it one Sunday.

A little difficult to make if you don't have phyllo pastry. But totally doable if you're in one of those places where you get them easily in the frozen section of your supermarket. I was really determined to do the whole thing by myself, but my maid Jayashree chipped in and said she could easily make
those paper thin translucent sheets of pastry.

Beer Buttermilk Pancakes

I admit it. I favour a good breakfast over most meals. Mainly cos simple things are good enough to make me happy. Also helps that breakfast is also the easiest meal to cook with not too many complications. No wonder I can have breakfast anytime of the day.


Right now, I'm an expert in Erussery. Do you spell it Erissery? I always pronounce it Erussery in Malayalam. So I'm going ahead with that spelling. Back to why I'm an expert. In my last post I mentioned I made three of the Onam dishes on Independence day. Plus I had the Inji Puli. So If I made a sambar, I'd pretty much have the main components of a vegetarian meal. Now, now, don't be picky. I know there's more to a vegetarian meal than that. But for now, this works.